Alice & Apricot is your one-stop source for bespoke wedding and special occasion invitations, stationary and paper goods! Owner/artist Leslie Amos Ochs, has an obsession with design, style, paper, colors, paints, textures and, basically, anything girly! Leslie loves taking the details of a theme and designing/creating a beautifully personalized wedding stationary ensemble, layered with delightfully surprising elements. She is often asked, "What is your style"? Her answer is that she doesn't have ONE style. Leslie's designs and creations are customized to the vision of each of her unique clients. Nothing is more exciting and rewarding to her than the creative design process! A creative board is the starting point for each project. The board is a collection of ideas, inspirations, and sketches to be used in the design and style of your custom project! With a passion for reaching beyond her previous grasp and going where she has not been, she is always using new mediums and creative processes that result in your BESPOKE wedding or special occasion stationary ensemble! Leslie caters to each client to catch their vision, create a plan of action, and ultimately, to do whatever it takes to make her client's dream a reality! If you are searching for something unique and tailor-made, Leslie is ready to collaborate to make your custom paper goods a beautiful prelude to your most memorable events!